23-Year-Old Missionary Is A Single Mother To 13 Daughters

At 18 years old, right after high school, Katie Davis forgoes college to move to Uganda for missions. She helped a Ugandan pastor to run an orphanage, and fell in love with the people there and was moved by their needs. Their parents left the majority of the kids in the orphanage that she’s working on because of lack of financial provision. The kids’ parents wanted to assure that their kids were being fed properly and taken well care of.

In 2008, Katie made Uganda her permanent home and launched Amazima Ministries, named after the native Ugandan word for “truth.”  The organization seeks to transform lives, restore relationships and radically change communities through the truth of Jesus Christ.

Katie’s family

Katie then ended up adopting 13 girls to be her daughter over time. In addition to that, her ministry also provides financial support to Ugandan families and provides education to the children so that they can stay and be raised in their homes.

Katie got married to her husband Benji Majors at the age of 26, and together they work to be a loving parent to their 13 daughters and a son of their own.

“My husband’s love is just another way God has chosen to pour [out] His extravagant love on me, another constant reminder that He rejoices over me, and over each one of our daughters. I watch them come alive under the loving gaze of their new father, I hear the delight and the certainty in their voices as they call ‘Dad,’” Katie stated.

Katie’s mission

In 2016, an Amazima School has been opened for the Ugandan children.

It was Katie’s faith and obedience to God that led her to this selfless decision even though she didn’t know what was ahead of her. Being a missionary is about our selfless decision to obey God’s calling no matter how unsure we are to what’s coming ahead of us.

We are all called for a mission in God’s Kingdom, we can be missionaries in our own ways just like Katie did. Just have faith and have an obedient heart for God.

Reference: YouTube | EWTN

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