4-Year-Old Boy Who Accidentally Shot Himself Miraculously Survived A Deadly Injury

A 4-year-old boy who accidentally shot himself miraculously survived a deadly injury and made a quick recovery!

The accident

On March 27, Na’vaun Jackson found a gun hidden under a pillow in the home of his mother’s boyfriend in Oakland, California. The curious child accidentally shot himself while inspecting the gun.

Doctors told Na’vaun’s family that he might not be able to walk again he most likely has suffered a severe brain injury. To save the boy’s life, he was immediately placed on life support and in a medically induced coma.

The miracle

However, Brijjanna Price, mother of Na’vaun, described what happens next as divine intervention and a miracle.

“He’s breathing on his own, he’s doing something different every day. Everything the doctors saying… God says different.” Brijjanna said.

Five months after the terrible accident, Ramon Price, Na’vaun’s grandfather, posted a video update of the boy on his Facebook.

“What a Mighty God we serve. Prayer really does change things. From ICU to physical therapy. Please continue to lift my grandson myself and the rest of my family up in prayer,” Ramon said.  

Brijjanna’s boyfriend told the police that he slept with a gun underneath his pillow on the day the accident happened and had forgotten to secure it. He was arrested after the shooting and was charged on suspicion of child abuse, having a gun as a felon, and criminal storage of gun.

Brijjanna also told the police that she had no plans to return to that home again.

“I don’t even plan on talking to anyone associated with that house,” she stated at a news conference.

This is a testimony of how God can turn every situation right again despite all the negative facts that the doctors have said. It was because of everyone’s prayer that Na’vaun is now out of danger. Let’s keep on praying for the recovery of the sweet child!

Credits: Facebook | Ramon Price

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