5-Year-Old Boy Receives News About His Cancer That Went Viral

5-year-old Slater Bushman receives news about his cancer. A video of their celebration was uploaded on Facebook and it went viral!

Stage 4 high-risk neuroblastoma!

The young boy from Palm Beach has been battling cancer for over a year until just this month, Slater and his family received good news! Slater is now in remission from Stage 4 high-risk neuroblastoma!

Neuroblastoma is a solid tumor of childhood that arises in the nervous system, outside of the brain. All patients with stage 4 disease diagnosed after one year of age are classified in the high-risk category. In stage 4 diseases, the neuroblastoma tumor cells have already spread (or metastasized) to other sites in the body, such as the bone or bone marrow. That was the case for Slater.

The good news!

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis celebrated with Slater’s family as they delivered the good news to them.

“This is the time we get to say, make up your bags, get out that door, you don’t get chemo anymore!” said the staff.

Slater’s mother Shari Anne described what happened as a miracle and a gift from God on her Facebook post.

“His disease, a tumor in his abdomen, wrapped around major veins to his organs, kidney, adrenal glands, liver, pancreas.. Spread to his bones, his pelvis, all up his spine, into his clavicles, and spread all in his skull.. And also spread all into his bone marrow which was mostly made up of diseased cancer cells… it’s a miracle, a gift from God,” Shari Anne stated in the caption.

The video Shari uploaded on Facebook garnered over 87 thousand views and hundreds of comments expressing their support for their family.

This is a story of another miracle from God that should be celebrated! Share this video to celebrate with Slater and his family!

Reference: Facebook | Our Boys Life

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