Award-winning Artist Zach Williams Releases His Newest Song ‘Baptized’

Award-winning artist, Zach Williams, recently released his newest song “Baptized”.

Zach Williams

Zach from Jonesboro, Arkansas is an American Christian rock artist that was a former member of Zach Williams & The Reformation. In 2016, he signed as a solo artist to Provident Label Group – Essential Records and released his award-winning album, “Chain Breaker” which reached No. 1 on the Hot Christian Songs Chart and the Top 10 on Christian radio. Zach is also a former worship leader at the Refuge Campus of Central Baptist Church in his hometown.

In 2017, Zach won the New Artist of the Year given by the GMA Dove Awards. His first solo album, “Chain Breaker” also won as the Pop/Contemporary Recorded Song of the same year. On 2018, the said album has again won as the Best Contemporary Christian Music Album on the Grammy Awards.

Today, Zach released a new single “Baptized” that is about how God redeems his people and makes them new. Listen to his newest song and be reminded by how God rescued you and baptized you to His family.


I can still see the steeple

A little church on the hill

There was a line at the altar

Every pew had been filled

I remember the water

The choir singing old hymns

There was a peace in the valley

As the preacher man said

In the name of the Father

The name of the Son

The name of the Spirit

You’re washed by the blood

Buried with Christ

Raised in new life

Baptized I can still hear the sermon

All the people said “Amen”

There was a gift of salvation

And you could be born again

I remember the power

The Holy Spirit rushing in

There was a peace like a river

As the preacher man said

All those old stained glass windows and the stories they tell

All the memories as clear as the day I was there

All those years I spent running,

You’ve given me back Now I’m stepping in, Now I’m stepping in, Now I’m stepping in

Reference: YouTube | Zach Williams

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