Christian Rock Band’s Drummer Jen Ledger Talks About Her Battle With Fear And Anxiety

Christian rock band Skillet’s drummer Jen Ledger talks about her battle with fear and anxiety.

Jen Ledger

Jennifer Carole Ledger is the drummer and co-vocalist of the Christian rock band Skillet. Recently, she has also created the band Ledger where she’s the lead vocalist and the songwriter with Korey Cooper. Despite her skyrocketing career, the artist has suffered and has been suffering with fear and anxiety. But she chooses to not surrender and keep on fighting the battle while there’s still breath in her lungs.

Not Dead Yet

Jen’s single “Not Dead Yet” talks about her battle with fear and anxiety. In her interview with Way Nation, she boldly shared to everyone about her testimony when she was asked about her favorite Ledger song.

“It came from a really dear place in my heart,” Jen referring to the song “Not Dead Yet.”

The 29-year-old Christian artist then proceeded to share her story.

“There’s a few years ago where I was struggling with fear and anxiety in a way that I’d never struggled with it before,” she added.

A few years after she has wrestled with that struggle, the same feeling came back while she was on stage with Skillet. She then talked to Korey about that and about her fear of having this struggle forever. What Korey said to Jen is so powerful!

“Then you fight Jen! While there’s breath in your lungs and until the day that you die, you never stop fighting and you do not let fear rob you of your own life,” Korey said to Jen.

The song “Not Dead Yet” is about that powerful moment and it has become a theme song for Jen.

“It’s okay”

She then ended her answer with this powerful phrase: “It’s okay if I’m broken, it’s okay if I struggle, but I will fight and I will rise to my feet. And even if it makes me think that I’m flawed, I can’t do this, I’m a fraud, He’s chosen me, He is with me and He sees all of those things about me and He still wants to use me and so that’s why I stand up and do what I do.”

If you know someone who is also struggling with fear and anxiety, let them know about Jen’s story by sharing this to them!

Reference: YouTube | Way Nation

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