Drew Hernandez Of Lives Matter Shares Jesus At A Trump Hotel

Drew Hernandez, creator, and host of Lives Matter, share Jesus at a Trump Hotel in Washington.

Lives Matter

Lives Matter is a YouTube show that was created by the Southern California native to let his voice be heard. Drew’s goal was to do his part in Making America Great Again by using Social Media as his platform.

Drew heard God’s calling for him to take on this generation that decides merely with their emotions with the truth. He sees this generation as a generation that seeks for answers.

“Drew sees a generation in need of answers, and sees every interview as a counseling session, using knowledge as a power to enlighten, not destroy, seeking to help his hearers to think things through,” stated on Facebook profile.

Lives matter was launched in July 2018 and in just less than a year, it now has more than 33,000 followers on Instagram and over 465,000 views on YouTube. It is now gaining more supporters and followers that were also seeking the truth.

Jesus Shared on Trump Hotel

In a recent Facebook post on their page, Drew took on the Trump Hotel the message of truth about Jesus.

“Had the HONOR to speak on behalf of Bienvenido in the name of Jesus inside of Trump Hotel in Wahington D.C.,” stated in the caption of the video.

In the video, Drew was heard asking for prayers for America, the millennial generation and the generations coming. He also declared that without Jesus, they could do nothing.

“Without Him, none of this would be possible. Not a single thing is possible,” Drew said in the gathering.

If you are someone who is also praying for America, share this post! Let’s all make America great again by exalting the name of Jesus over this nation!

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