Dying Heroin Addict Had Her Heart Healed Without Any Surgery Because Of Her New Lifestyle

A heroin addict was about to die but her heart was healed with any surgery because of her drastic lifestyle change.

Shocking news

Caroline Best, 36-years-old, is a heroin and crack cocaine addict. She has spent her last 15 years in and out of the prison because of shoplifting to fund her addiction until she was told a piece of shocking news. Doctors told her that she only has 12 months.

Because of her addiction, her heart started to fail and she could only undergo heart surgery if she came off the drugs. Freeing from drugs is something that she thinks she could do on her own. But an angel was sent by God to help Caroline get back up again.

The process to being clean

PC Stuart Toogood from Erdington neighborhood police team reached out to Caroline to help her turn her life around. With the kindness of PC Stuart, Caroline attended rehab and followed an intensive program.

On August 27, Caroline celebrated her one year of being clean from her addiction! Moreover, she was told by her doctors that she no longer needs heart surgery as her faulty valve had healed itself due to the drastic change of her lifestyle.

“I am living proof that we can recover.”

In order to give back to her community and to PC Stuart, she has volunteered to also help other offenders to escape the life of crime. She has successfully placed nine prolific offenders into rehab since.

“Thanks to Stuart Toogood, I’m now a productive member of society and I thank him for helping me do something I couldn’t do on my own, Caroline said. “I am living proof that we can recover.”

Truly anyone can recover from the life of crime they use to be living. Everyone has a second chance of living a better and more meaningful life. It was God’s gift to us and let everybody know that He can change their situation no matter how hard it is.

Reference: West Midlands Police

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