Employee Who Loathed ‘Manny Pacquiao’ Before Now Defends Boss From Prejudices

An employee of the professional boxer and Philippines Senator Manny Pacquiao defends her boss from prejudices of his fellow countrymen. She even loathed him for some time until she realized that Senator Manny is not who she thinks he is.

Kim Laurente

Kim Laurente, a Senate staff of Senator Manny Pacquaio, took her website her honest thoughts about her boss. Even before Kim had a chance to get to know Manny, she already has prejudices over him. She also even loathed those who voted for him because of Manny’s remark against the LGBT community. But all her perception change after she had a chance to get to know Manny personally.

Kim first personally met Senator Manny Pacquiao during one Sunday service where he was a speaker. He opened all his life testimony to everyone on that room and Kim was amazed by how God’s mercy and grace saved a person ridden with iniquities. That was when she dropped all her negative perceptions about him.

“He passionately walked us through his vices and immoralities in the past. From his story, it seemed that he was beyond repair. Until he was saved by God. His manner and his wisdom when he preached guaranteed that indeed, he is a changed man,” Kim written on her blog.

“I can 100% say that he is a man of virtue now”

After becoming a part of his staff in the Senate, Kim saw more of the good side of Senator Manny. She saw how God has been using Senator Manny for his glory despite the critics.

“Preaching, life wisdom, and his inspiring stories come naturally integrated in our every meeting with him. With his sincerity and compassion in sharing the Word of God, I can 100% say that he is a man of virtue now. The very first bill he filed as his own was the National Bible Day. And it was the very first bill I drafted. There were too many critics. But the goal was indeed to walk against the crowd,” Kim added.

To learn more about Kim’s insights about Senator Manny Pacquiao, read her write-up on her website: Kim Laurente.

“Why does he still has to become a Senator when he can already serve the people even when not in the position? BECAUSE THE FILIPINO PEOPLE DESERVES NOT ONLY TO BE SERVED BUT ALSO TO BE PROTECTED.”

A godly man in the Political position is what every country needed.

Reference: Kim Laurente

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