Man Who Supernaturally Came Back from Death Testifies To Meeting Jesus

Man who supernaturally came back from death testifies to seeing the “white light” and meeting Jesus.

Widow-maker heart attack

On May 13, 2016, Seth Cowan died because of a heart attack due to the blockage of his main artery. It was commonly and informally known as the “widow-maker heart attack”. Only 10% of the people who suffered from this kind f heart attack lives and 90% dies.

White Light

Upon riding the ambulance, the paramedic worked to keep Seth conscious but his body is just dying. Seth remembered seeing a “white light” while the paramedic keeps on saying “Seth stay with me”. Seth immediately knows that he was dying and he felt scared at that instant.

But as he saw the “white light” everything felt better and he felt very calm. The next thing he knows, he’s on another place where it is so bright and there’s a veil hanging in front of him. Seth even testifies to seeing some of his family members, his dog who recently passed away, and Jesus as he entered heaven. That is when Seth wanted to stay with Jesus.

“Once I felt that feeling of peace, I wanted to stay there. I didn’t want to come back to whatever I was doing here,” Seth recalled.

“No. Not yet.”

But God as a different plan for Seth’s life. As Seth was begging Jesus to let him stay, he started to come back to his physical body again. But as that were all happening, Seth heard the audible voice of God saying, “No. Not yet”. Those three words changed Seth’s life forever.

Now he is alive and well and he continues to testify his experience with the Lord to everyone! This is a supernatural story of miraculous healing! God healed him from the heart attack and made him live to share his story to everyone.

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