Photo Of Siblings Praying On Their First Day Of School Went Viral

A photo of three siblings praying for their first day of school went viral! This is how every student should start their school year!

On August 5, 10-year-old Eugine, 8-year-old Jorden, and 7-year-old Emily were about to attend their first day of school. But just before heading to their school, the three siblings held each other’s hands, bowed their head and said a prayer. Jamisha Harris, mother of the three kids snapped a photo and posted it on Facebook, little did she know that that simple picture would capture the hearts of many.

Viral post

The mother of three from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, captioned her Facebook post with:

“Dear God, This morning I’m feeling nervous and a little unsure but thankful, I pray for my children on their first day of school. I ask that this school year you would use every person and every experience and every lesson to shape them into Your image to grow in them, the fruit of Your Spirit. Have a great year kiddos 2019-2020 Idea Bridge Academy.”

Three days after, the photo went viral when WAFB Channel 9 shared the photo of the siblings on their Facebook page. It inspired thousands of people and received hundreds of positive comments.

Story behind the photo

Jamisha later revealed that prior to the incident, it was a tough year for their family. The couple lost their jobs and their apartment just a day before the picture was taken. And with the recent shootings that happened, they were quite scared to send their kids back to school this fall. So they just pray for the safety of their children, all the other students and school staff every morning.

“It has been very hard for all of us. And with all the tragedies events that have been occurring in the world lately, I feel nothing is safe for my children and we are praying because I am sending my children into this wicked world and mommy is not there to protect them,” Jamisha said.

Jamisha even emphasized that nothing could stop them from praying.

“They may have taken praying out of schools but not out of God’s children,” she added.

Reference: Facebook | Jamisha Harris

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