Prayers Brought A Miracle For A Man Facing A Fatal Prognosis

A man facing death received a miracle after doctors commanded his family to pray.

Cardiac Arrest

Evan Hinson, 23-years-old, suddenly passed out on December 8, 2017. His co-workers began to do a CPR and his family was notified immediately. Even though he has no history of heart problems, he has gone into a sudden cardiac arrest.

When a cardiac arrest happens outside of the hospital, 95% of those cases doesn’t survive. The doctors are doubtful that they can save Evan. The medical staff tried to stabilize Evan’s condition but only 10% of his heart is working well.

The doctors gave Evan’s family the painful truth that Evan could die in the next 5 minutes. When everyone seems to be fearful of Evan’s life, that’s when the doctor instructed the family to pray. They called everyone they could to pray for Evan and within minutes, the hospital lobby was filled with Evan’s prayer warriors.

He miraculously made it through the night but his organs are shutting down. Evan’s doctors decided to airlift him into another hospital as their last shot for his survival. On his stretcher, Evan again had a cardiac arrest but the nurses were able to stabilize Evan.

A miracle!

Everyone’s prayers were not in vain when they received a report about Evan. He showed signs of improvement, his organs started to work again and his heart went from 10% functionality to 30%. By day 3, Evan started to wake-up. Within 5 days, his heart became almost perfectly normal, it seems like the cardiac arrest never happened and the medical staff couldn’t understand it.

We cannot underestimate the power of our prayers and the miracle-working power of God. Watch Evan’s story and see how God moved in his condition.

Reference: YouTube | The Official 700 Club

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