Sick Little Girl Prayed On Her Hospital Bed And Visits Heaven Before Being Miraculously Healed!

A sick little girl was captured on a video praying to God on her hospital bed. Days after that heart-wrenching scene, she was miraculously healed!

Bacterial Meningitis

Kinnady Devine, six-year-old, was rushed to the hospital in January of 2017 after her parents, Rachel and Levi Devine, noticed something wrong about their daughter. Then suddenly, little Kinnady was fighting for her life as she could die from an infection.

Doctors diagnosed that Kinnady had bacterial meningitis, an infection causing inflammation of the membranes surrounding the brain and spinal cord. It is the most serious type of meningitis that can lead to death or permanent disability.

Medical staff had to get fluid from Kinnady’s spine so doctors could identify which strain of bacteria they had to treat. This procedure is quite painful and scary but the brave young girl handled it graciously with tears in her eyes. She even expressed her gratefulness to the medical staff and her family for being there with her.

Amazing moment captured on camera

That was when her mother, Rachel, captured an amazing and heart-wrenching moment on a video! Little Kinnady prayed to God and claims that she has gone to heaven for a couple of seconds.

“I prayed you can go home safely with me. It’s good to say prayers. I love God and I love Jesus and live with Him,” Kinnady explained after saying a little prayer with her hands folded.

Miraculous healing!

Moments later, she exclaimed, “I’m better!” Indeed she is better as God miraculously healed her from the deadly infection!

Just a few days after the video was captured, the amazing Kinnady was healed and out of the hospital.

“It is only by the Grace of God and prayer miracles that she walked out of that hospital this weekend as if nothing had happened, perfectly fine, nothing wrong with her NOTHING! And is at school as we speak! If you don’t believe in miracles, prayer, or even God, hear Kinnady story,” Sarah Ford, Devines’ family friend said.

Credits: Kinnady Devine

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